Friday, July 28, 2006

Modeled Chef

Here is the modeled Asian Chef. It took me about 7 hours to model it all and work out the bugs when I turned it into a higher poly count. The low poly count is 1489 tri poly's with 492 of those poly's in the head. It could be reduced to 1000 tri poly's very easily it would just make him a little more blocky. The Smooth version has just under 3500 tri poly's.
I have been working on the uv mapping and texturing. However, I am running into problems that I have never experienced before. So some advice would be helpful. The UV mapping is the same as ever. I had the head mapped out in a half hour to an hour. However I then spent the next few hours working on the stupid texture. Until now I just created a texture and was able to put it on. I would also occasionaly add a bump map to the surface to create variety. What I am trying for now is a very flat, cell shading. Similar to a lot of 3-D cartoons that are coming out now and also similar to a lot of video game characters. Specifically the Gamecube genre where they have to work with less detail. I wanted to try it to see if I could. Anyways, the problem that is coming up is that when I put the texture on, it makes the model look like one of those cheap dollar store ceramic figurines. It doesn't look like the character I was envisioning. I have tried adding slight gradation to the flat color (a.k.a. some slight shading in the ear, and below the eyebrow and nose. etc...) However, then it clashes with the rest. Has anyone ever experienced this dilemma? Cell shading 3-D is new for me and is actually more difficult to do correctly than I expected. I can just shade it, but I want it to actually look good. So, I am going to finish mapping the rest of the UV's, finish doing the best cell shade that I can do, then I will post what I have ended up with. Any feedback before then would be appreciated. However, I will try to get it posted as soon as possible in order to get more direct feedback. Thanks.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Here is the first of the six Chibi characters I am going to model and texture in Maya. I am still struggling for time with all the museum work I have been doing, but I hope to have it complete by the end of next week and be started on the second one (time permitting). Anyways, here is the Asian Chef.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Here are some chibi characters. They are extremely rough sketches. I am going to clean them up, do front and side view drawings, and then model and texture them. I have just thought that chibi video game characters are fun, so why not make some. It is a nice way for me to break away from the hyper realistic and really caricature. I will try and update as I go along.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Normal or comic?

Here's a pic of the model with "normal" proportions. And one with "heroic" or comic proportions. It didn't take long to do I just haven't had much time recently. I spent all weekend traveling and going to family functions. I did catch a nice 12 inch rainbow trout over the weekend. Anyways I'm still busy at the gallery this week but I am going to try and get some characters posted.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

3-D Female

Here it is. All done. I touched up the head too. I wish I had an actual version of maya so I could render a picture at a higher quality. I put a lot of effort into getting the muscles and bones right so they would show properly. Especially in the neck and shoulder. Anyways, here it is.

The Museum/Gallery finally got it's grant money in, and I need to pay the bills. So, I will be working a lot more and won't be posting as often on here. I will still be working on projects, but my time will be significantly reduced for a while. I will be posting more 3-D work, and hopefully working on some storyboards as well as maybe a comic page addition. We will see what happens. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Leg and Arm

Here is the next batch. I finished the leg and the foot today, as well as the arm and hand. Now I need to attach the arm and work out the whole shoulder assembly, as well as the rest of the back and neck. Then I will touch up problems in the face and post a finished image. These are still about as high resolution as my puter gets with the learner version of maya (unfortunately). Anyways, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Head and Torso

Here is an update. I have been working on the female 3-D model today. I still need to finish the bottom of the leg and foot. As well as the arm. Once I complete the arm I will be able to finish the shoulder, clavicle, neck, and shoulderblade assembly. Then I will do some touchups on the head and anywhere else that needs it. I am still hoping to have it done by saturday. If not, I will try to get it done by the first of the week. I put up both a low polycount rotation. As well as the smoothed version. Any feedback or advice is appreciated. Yes I know it's not done yet. But help along the way is nice. Thanks.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

3-D female head

Well, Rick Schmitz suggested that I do a generic female and male model in maya in order to beef up my video game portfolio. I haven't had much time due to the 4th. However I did a head today as the start to my female model. I thought I would post it with some questions for you guys (and gals) that are currently in the industry. The top rotation is a low polygon count head. The bottom is just smoothed to a higher poly count. I know that the poly count used to be a big issue in the game industry. Something like 500 poly count on a head, and 500 on the body. Is it even an issue still? Especially with the new systems? Or can I do a model that is a really high poly count and not worry about it? I am trying to keep it at a reasonably low count with these, but I did do the quick smooth so that you could see it without the blocky feel. Also, I keep being told that I need to specialize. That I should just do modeling, or texturing, or rigging, etc.... Is that still true, or is there some crossover? A.k.a. I model, texture and rig my own character? How specialized or generic does the work become? I'm just curious so that if it really is a specialization issue, I can focus on one area more than another. Also (last question) do any companies use nurbs, or is it all polygons still? Nurbs look so much nicer with less effort.

I will try to finish this female model this week and do the male model next week. I will post and ask for feedback. I am also working on some more storyboards for my storyboard portfolio. I will try and post some of that for feedback too. Thanks everyone.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Felicity Ulrich page 11

Page 11 is up. Visit Felicity Ulrich through the link section to go check it out. I will try and get some sketches and some 3-D work posted next week. Enjoy and have fun.