Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A blustery day

It's been a wonderful warm and blustery day. I even rode my motorcycle to work and back. The weather is making me want to spend more time outside. Anyway, here is another poem that I wrote at the beginning of the year. I hope you enjoy it. Beware, it has a very Dr. Seuss feel to it.

Music is certainly a fantastic thing.
It can start with a hum, it can start with a ring.

It can start with trumpet, a horn, or kazoo.
It can even start up with a roar at the zoo.

It can start on a boat, in the car, on a train.
It can start in the snow, in the sun, or the rain.

However it starts, it does something to us.
It can make us feel happy, or calm down a fuss.

It brings us a smile, or even a tear.
It brings back a feeling we felt once last year.

It lightens our troubles and makes us feel glad.
It brings up a memory of a mom or a dad.

It moves us, it reaches us. Just how, I can't say.
One thing is for certain. It's special that way.

So when you are sad, or alone, or afraid.
Just remember a tune or a song that you've made.

For all of us carry a tune in our heart.
You must simply unlock it and give it a start.

Once it is out you then keep it in mind.
Then onto you're children, leave a legacy behind.

It will calm them and cure them and make them feel well.
For that is the power that in music does dwell.

Yes music is certainly a fantastic thing.
So start now, just open your mouth up and sing.

-Henry Elmo Bawden(1/5/09)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zbrush 45 minutes

I finally got a copy of Zbrush last week. I started learning how to use it over the weekend and have been running through tutorials. I'm still new to the software, but am getting the hang of it. I modeled this out tonight as a test. I started by using a sphere primitive. It took 45 minutes to do the modeling. I hope to get quicker and better, but this is a start. Hope you enjoy the goblin.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Living in the present

I haven't posted in a little while. I felt like I should again. I don't have time to put up any pictures again. But I thought I would at least put up another poem. I did this one at the beginning of the year. Not the best, but I like it.


When standing at the waters edge
and staring at the surface clear
my mind begins to play it's tricks
on what I see and hear.

I question all that I have done
and wonder what I will do.
I know not what the future holds
or what paths I will travel through.

My mind goes back to things I've done.
But I cannot change the past.
The present is now what I must see
if I am going to last.

To live here and now is the thing to do
If I want my life grand to be.
Look to tomorrow and remember the past
but don't dwell and forget the key.

Learn from the past and live with hope
of the things that may come someday still.
I must focus and do my best today
or else those things never will.

-Henry Elmo Bawden (1/2/09)