Friday, May 08, 2009

Fathers and Sons Campout

Hello all,

Sorry I haven't written in a while again. I am going with my son and my father out to a fathers and sons campout tonight. So, in honor of that, I am going to post a poem I wrote at the beginning of the year. (I need to start posting more of these.) Here it is.


My little ninja boy
came without peep.
Right past my wife
who had put him to sleep.

He snuck past the doorway
and past the t.v.
He came round the bedpost
and crawled in with me.

He snuggled up close
as his mother returned.
He knew it was bedtime.
That lesson he'd learned.

He sought out protection
and so turned to pop.
He wanted to stay up
and momma to stop.

As I lay laughing
his mother sat down.
But quickly I stopped
as she stared with a frown.

And as I was rising,
my son sounded sad.
Mommy please help me.
Protect me from dad.

The two of us carried
him back to his room.
He was downhearted,
his heart filled with gloom.

It's night time remember.
We quietly said.
And he became peaceful
as we kissed his head.

He knew he could sneak out
when our backs were turned.
But now it was bedtime,
or so he had learned.

He had to be quiet
or sister would stir.
And so he must lay still
to not bother her.

But he was excited,
as he quietly said.
When sister is older
we'll get out of bed.

Then two against two
we'll stay up all night.
But just now I'll sleep,
as they turn out the light.

And soon he was dreaming
as I checked to see.
And I was so proud that
my son was like me.

-Henry Elmo Bawden(1/8/09)