Friday, August 21, 2009

QuickSculpt Torso

Here's the quicksculpt for the day. I was going to post it earlier, but I had to run the wife to the hospital. Anyway, here it is. I know there are anatomical problems, specifically in the shoulders. Working on this, I realize that I really need to study my anatomy once more. I have forgotten a lot. I didn't have time to fix it before I had to leave.

Also, I am trying to stop the sculpts and not let them go long. So, even though I wanted to take the time to find reference and correct the muscles, I cut it off at an hour and a half. I will come back later and fix it when I have time.

The reason I did a torso is because I start my MFA in two weeks. As I was looking at the modules for my sculpting class, I noticed a torso that I will have to make. So, I decided to do this one for now. The video is below.

It is 22 minutes 550 meg. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

QuickSculpt Fat Man

I guess to be politically correct, I should say morbidly obese, big boned, or water retentive. Anyway, after the old man, I thought about going fat. After struggling with it once more, I think I need to start using some sort of a reference for these sculpts. If I do fantasy monsters or something I can fake it, but with these realistic subjects I really need to get my stuff straight. Below is the link to the process video.

It is 20 minutes and 620 meg. I may stop posting the process videos if no one seems interested. I will eventually post some of the better ones on my web site. However, for now I will post a few more and see what the feedback is. Enjoy watching.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

QuickSculpt Old Man

I had many troubles with today's quicksculpt. I was struggling with being tired and unfocused. So, there was a lot of back and forth on what I was doing. If I had a clearer head, I could probably have done it quicker. I even had to restructure the skeletal bridge around the eye socket, as well as redoing the ears near the end. I can't believe I didn't notice those until so far into the sculpt. Anyway, it ended up working out alright. Below is the link to the process video.

Because I was unfocused today, I went long. I took almost two hours to do this quicksculpt. The video is 22 minutes, and the file is 788 meg. Like I wrote in a previous post, it is easiest to right click the link and select "Download Linked File", or "Save Target As" depending on which web browser you are using. There is no sound on any of these videos. So, to make the watching easier, just put on some music to help make it more fun. You can even select what you want the songs to be. Anyway, enjoy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

QuickSculpt Toad

Today's quicksculpt was a toad. I had some problems with it because I was modeling from a sphere. But it turned out pretty well. Here's the link to the video of the process.

It is 577 meg. But it only runs 17 minutes. The reason for this is because I was losing a lot of detail with the video compression. This video is much more clear than the previous two. Also, I know it is a pain to wait for the video to load up on the internet and it is difficult to tell if it has frozen or not. So, a way to make this easier is to right click the link above and select "Download linked file". Hopefully that will make it easier for you. Then you will just have to wait for the download to complete. Anyway, enjoy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

QuickSculpt Kappa

For today, I did my variation of a kappa. A kappa is a japanese water demon. Sometimes shown with a turtle's beak, or with puckered lips. Sometimes shown with black hair, bald, or wearing a leaf for a hat. Sometimes with slits for ears, elven ears, or human ears. There are a lot of variations. This took me about an hour and a half to do the modeling and the texturing. I have included the link to another video to show the process.

This video is 500 meg, and shows the 90 minutes of work in 18 minutes. It will take a while to load, but I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

QuickSculpt Mask

Here's another quicksculpt. I did a tribal mask. Today I decided to try recording a video of the process. It actually worked. Beware though, it is a very large video. Almost 100 meg. But it is kinda fun. It is four minutes long. To see it, follow this link below.
Because I have limited space on my website, I will only leave it up until I run out of space. If people show interest in this kind of thing, I will post more of these process videos. Just let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

QuickSculpt Boxer

I had a chat with a good friend last night. Because of that, when I was sitting down to do a sculpt this morning and couldn't think of what to make, inspiration hit. And, this little sculpture came to be. The sculpting took a little over an hour, so I didn't have time to do a texture pass. But, here it is. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

QuickSculpt Ghostman

Today's quicksculpt is a ghost creature. Nothing special to write, I was just playing around and having fun. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

QuickSculpt Dragonhead

Here's my quicksculpt for the day. I didn't get one done yesterday. I am working on a female base 3D mesh, and it is taking a lot of time. I will post on that project as I get further along. With the dragon today, I started with just having fun sculpting and ended up with the untextured model. I then added the detailed modeling, and a simple texture pass. I included both because I almost like the untextured and stylistic model better than the finished one. It was fun. I would like to approach this once more and adjust the horns to wrap down by the head like a goat, but this is what I did very quickly today. I will post another one if I get a chance tomorrow.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

QuickSculpt Caricature

Here's my quick sculpt for today. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but when I started playing, I decided it would work as a caricature. Because it was so quick to sculpt, I took a little time and did a rough texture on it. Enjoy.