Friday, February 08, 2013

Ish's Adventure

I am so excited that I can finally break the silence a little bit.  I've finally got the demo version of my new game up.  It's called "Ish's Adventure".  Right now it is just for Android devices.  So, if you have an android device, follow this link ( to visit the company blog and download the game.  If you don't have an android device, find someone that does and bug them about trying it out.

It has been a lot of work to get this far with the development.  But, it is progressing.  I have been spending the lion's share of my time recently programming and trying to clean up the level cache size to get this to work well on phones.  However, I am looking forward to getting back to the art side as I develop the next 10 levels (with their cave theme), the next set of enemies, and compose some more music.