Thursday, February 26, 2015

Daughter Drawings

 I am working on a young girl character and have been drawing from a lot of photos in order to get the proportions down better.  Tonight, after filling a few more pages in my sketchbook with them I realized that my oldest daughter is the right age for the character I am working on.

So with very little coaxing, my sweet little girl was kind enough to model for a bit before she got tired and wanted to be done.  They were very quick and rough, but drawing from life is much more helpful than drawing from photographs.

Drawing her tonight, it made me realize that my oldest kids are probably willing to pose for me more.  Rather than always looking for reference, I need to spend more time drawing the people and things around me.

With the drawings tonight, I apologize for the ripples.  It is an old drawing pad that I forgot I had empty pages in, and have decided to start using again.  No sense in letting it go to waste.  I still get practice all the same, and none of this needs to be framed or anything.

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