Sunday, February 15, 2015

Figure Drawing Image Dump

As part of my last post, I have decided to just take pictures out of my sketchbook to post.  That way you can all see the good with the bad.  I am still working on developing my drawing abilities, but they are coming along.  My figurative work is still better than it used to be.  These are a few example pages.  There are also many, many, many, many pages that ended up just having nothing but poorly done drawings.  I will spare you those.

Most of these are either one minute, two minute, or five minute sketches.  As I posted before, in lieu of having open life drawing studios accessible to me right now, I am using videos from youtube.  I have been very appreciative of New Master's Academy and Croquis Cafe for putting them together.

I still struggle with my anatomy.  Over the years, I have gotten better with my proportions.  I am still trying to get better with the rest of the shapes though.

 I need to work on my hard and soft shapes to differentiate between the bones, muscles, and fatty tissue.  I am also trying to explore pushing style with the figure when I draw from memory rather than from a reference.

I am getting quicker.  But, I need to work on getting more accuracy.  I am still getting the hairy lines, and it takes me far too many lines to get the shapes.  But they are getting better.

 I am also working on an old nemesis.  I still fight hands and feet.  I know this is common for many artists.  I have been trying to find a balance between getting too detailed, and with stylizing them.  They also become confoundedly complex at times.

So, on occasion, I like to focus on them for a while in order to improve.  All of these drawing need work, but they are good at showing my current progress.  There are many many pages out of my sketchbook that will never be shown.  Even with opening myself up and showing the faults in my drawing, some drawings are better left as practice and forgotten.

 I find that I much prefer the female figure to the male figure.  I do draw both male and female anatomy.  I want to become proficient at drawing everyone of every shape and size, which is why I try to draw people in public as well.  But it is so much more pleasant to draw women.  The lines are smoother and more fluid.

When I draw women I am able to focus on the gesture, as in the case of these one minute gestures.  When I draw men, I tend to focus on the muscle groups and blocky shapes.  Unless of course they are overweight men, and then it becomes series of interlocking rounded forms and then I start getting some longer, smoother line work in.

 One day I hope to be able to draw people of every shape and size and really use it to help develop my art further.  Most of what I have learned about drawing, and art as a whole, I have learned from figure drawing.  There is no better way to learn, and no subject matter that is more effective at teaching the foundations for everything else.

With the improvement I have been seeing in my drawing in general, I have been trying to push myself by doing more conceptual pieces, and more finished work.  I will be posting some of them later this week in an effort to be more diligent about putting my work online.

I still have a long way to go on my journey as an artist.  These are some of the steps along the way.  I hope you will continue to follow me on it, and I wish you luck on your own artistic journeys.

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