Friday, February 20, 2015

Go Figure

 Here are some more figure drawings.  I thought these would be good to post tonight.  On nights when I run out of ideas of things to draw, I pop up some quick gesture videos, and draw people.  These all came from the beginning of the week.

 I ran into a problem today.  I finished a drawing on the drafting vellum.  I thought it was well rendered, and turned out the way I wanted it to.  In person, I thought that it looked good.

When I went to capture it, by taking a photo with my cell phone like I do to capture all of my images lately, it turned out horribly.  No matter what lighting, or quality I chose, it just didn't capture well.

It was actually getting to the point where I just looked at the captured image and felt like it must just be a failed drawing.  However, when I look at the original, it looks good.

Has anyone else had this experience where you just can't get the reproduction to work?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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