Monday, February 16, 2015

Robot and other sketches

 I had such a large post yesterday, that I thought I would just grab a couple of quick sketches for today.  Not even sure where this one came from.  I was kind of doodling and ended up with it.

Not sure why I like this, but it seems to work.  I have been told recently that my drawings (especially of characters) need to not be in lifeless static poses.  This is kind of a static pose, but it comes across as a very melancholy robot.  I will be attempting to infuse my drawings with more personality as I continue.
 I really like the way this princess and dragon came out.  I struggle sometimes with exaggerating shapes and forms.  I always want to fix it and make it as anatomically correct as I can.  Because of that I usually end up with something that isn't quite stylized, and isn't quite realistic.  It ends up bad.  This princess actually worked out alright though.  I am hoping as I force myself into different styles and shapes that I may initially be uncomfortable with, I will continue to develop.

This is another attempt at using markers.  I am starting to get it, but need to keep practicing.  I did this sketch a week ago, before I had picked up a flesh colored marker.  So, I faked it with colored pencils at the time.

That's it for today.  I will keep trying to post and have new stuff to show.

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