Saturday, February 14, 2015


 I have been feeling more and more that I need to start getting back in touch with the online community.  I put up images on occasion, but it has been a while since I actually was heavily involved.  So, I am looking for feedback.  I am trying to finally develop my drawing skills.  If you have feedback, or advice for improvement, I would like to hear it.

This drawing to the left was a daily mark.  SketchClub does these a lot.  You pick someone and then try to remember and draw them later.  This was from last week some time.
 I have been trying to get used to using markers finally, with mixed results.  I am trying to introduce one marker at a time into my repertoire in order to get used to them and not be overwhelmed.  I am now up to six markers as well as the gray scale markers.  I will continue to try and add to it.
I finally got to the zoo again.  I definitely need to get back more.

That's it for this post.  I am really trying to work on my drawing ability and develop.  Part of the reason I don't post more is that I keep waiting for the great drawing so that I can post that.  However, there will never be a final great drawing.  Instead, I need to just post my process drawings and show where I am rather than feeling bad about my current skill level.  My drawings will continue to have faults and flaws that I notice that drive me nuts.  But, that is no longer an excuse for me not to post.

Once again, if you see ways for me to improve, I would very much appreciate the feedback so that I can develop further.

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