Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Undersea Concept

 Right now I am going through various ideas for my MFA thesis project.  One of the ideas that came up was an idea for an underwater themed story.  So, as part of the exploration, I did some concepts.

As this isn't the idea I want to run with, I thought that I would post them here.  I will likely post many of the others that didn't make the cut as well.

These are done with black and red china markers on smooth newsprint.  I like the big 18" x 24" drawing pads.  I got hooked on these when I first started drawing.  They are nice for jotting down concepts at a large scale without feeling bad about the materials or making mistakes.

My drawing has been greatly improving since September when I decided to really focus in on it.  It has been wonderful to have breakthroughs with my art again.  Even though I still have many other areas I have to keep up on professionally (modeling, texturing, design, music, programming, and etc.) I want to keep honing in on this particular skill and giving it extra attention.

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