Sunday, March 01, 2015

Off to GDC

 I am heading to GDC today.  I will be in San Francisco all week.  Because of that I probably won't be posting on here much.  I will try posting some of my sketches that I do while I am gone, after I get back.  I am hoping to get a lot of cafe and conference sketching in.

For now, this is another concept that I am not going with.  The premise was that it would be about a young Inca child that learns to be a Messenger along the Inca trail like his father.

I didn't really give it too much more thought than that.  I was mainly just looking at the aesthetic and exploring designs.  Once again, these are done with china marker on smooth newsprint.  I also used blue prismacolor pencil for the skies, and white gelly roll pen for the highlights.