Friday, September 25, 2015


 Lately I have had more space themes in my random sketches in my sketchbook.  I think it started at GDC when I saw some concept art for a space shooter.  From that time on, space characters seem to be sneaking in among the other sketches.

 This one was a little more retro.  Very early sci-fi superhero.  He needs more, but at least it was fun.  I still pull out the markers on occasion and play around as well.

This one wasn't necessarily space inspired, but the mood seemed to go along well with the other two.  Flowing hair and all...

Autumn Life Drawing

Summer has ended and Autumn is beginning.  It has been a while since I have posted.  I have been keeping up on life drawing though.  It is nice to have live models to work from again.

 I have been working to develop my concept art abilities.  It is a painful process at times (there is a lot of soul searching and humility involved), but it is good.  As I am doing exploratory sketches, all of the life drawing over the years is finally helping me to understand more, and I am making progress.

 Over the years life drawing has been one of the few reasons that I have seen any progress at all in my understanding of form, structure, and art in general.  I know it can be a controversial topic for some groups.  But I swear by it and think that every artist needs it to truly progress at their craft, and understand the fundamentals of art.